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Attracting Romantic Love With Your Angels

by Lisa Atkinson

romance angelsSome people will do anything to get more love into their lives. Is this you? Have you ever longed for a love potion, or fantasized about casting a secret attraction spell?

Angels love to help us generate even more love!

I admit… I’ve wished for a dash of cupid’s arrow to shoot. I’ve donned fake lashes, squeezed into push-up bras and hobbled around on heels so high I nearly broke my neck trying to walk in them. One time, I was so desperate, I almost spent $200.00 on a tiny vial of pheromone cologne before I came to my senses. There is no magic elixir out there (but if you find it, let me know… I humbly admit that I could be wrong.)

And then I found out what angels could do.

You may not think angels are sexy, but you may also be very surprised at the heat they pack!

Below, I’ll reveal my top five favorite super-active angels with love power to spare. They’re standing by to support you now, and don’t worry – they won’t judge. They are selfless, 100% positive, and non-denominational.

Sound good?

You’re probably wondering – What’s the catch?

First, you have to ask for their support.   Aloud or silently, send a shout out. Like this: “Angels!”

Opening to receive their input is the next essential step. This is because angels often respond with signs of validation, healing, or direction.

“Angel” actually means messenger, and their messages are often subtle, so stay alert to the little things. You could get a blunt sign like a pure white feather appearing out of nowhere in the air in front of you. This has happened to people I know more than once. You could get a phone call from a past loved one. An invitation may come in the mail. You might even get an unexpected gift.  Take note of everything that happens.

On the subtle side, angels send positive feelings and thoughts often. Trust your inklings, inspirations, and enthusiasms.  You may feel better for no particular reason. You never know what kind of miracle might arise.

Remember – these are mysterious realms.

After the angels go to work, you can expect more joy, but it may not come in the package you anticipated. Which brings us to the third thing you must do:

Release your specific demands. Angels work toward the higher good of all concerned, which means they won’t help with lower desires, addictions, obsessions, etc. We may not even be aware that we are spiraling out of control until we ask the angels to help. This is why detachment to the outcome is key.

Five Fabulous Love Angels

You needn’t necessarily name the angel you want to call, but here are five archangels that can definitely help with your love life today.  These archangels love this stuff.

  1. Archangel Chamuel
    Healer and expander of hearts, “Chamuel” means compassion.  If you’ve suffered a nasty breakup, endured unrequited love, or even yearned for someone who isn’t connected to their own spirit’s spark, then chances are that this archangel is already nearby, hoping you’ll ask for support. Even now, Chamuel offers garlands of peace: soothing and empowering shrouds of sweetness. Chamuel affirms the sacred balm of heartfelt connection to others, and to nurturing that loving compassion at home, with ourselves. This archangel celebrates every glowing smile and warm sentiment that you experience by giving and getting! Let Chamuel’s pink embrace carry you through.
  2. Archangel Gabriel
    Gabriel supports clear communication.  Famous for working with artists and writers, Gabriel brings focus and joy to all kinds of relationships based in love. In times of confusion, misunderstanding or loss, Gabriel supports people in finding clear words to share in relating honestly with others.  If you feel like you’re having trouble speaking your mind, being heard, or even with listening to those you love, ask Gabriel for a hand. You may see a ray of blue light when Gabriel arrives.
  3. Archangel Jophiel
    Jophiel clears feelings of unworthiness, helps release addictive habits. If you feel that you don’t measure up for any reason, or if you are not worthy of kindness, compassion and love, be gentle with yourself and take time to re-balance and restore. Call on Jophiel to uplift you and remind you of your priceless heart. The deep and vast connection with our inner light is brought into awareness when Jophiel calls. Ask to be reminded of your immense value as an instrument and partner in profound love. Look for a yellow glow.
  4. Archangel Azrael
    Azrael assuages fears of intimacy.  For overcoming love blocks of repression, prejudice, feeling separate or ashamed of physical expressions of love, Azrael works wonders. All of these misgivings can deter us from opening our tender hearts to love, but Azrael can bring relief by lifting these weights from our hearts. (Ariel also works wonders with similar issues, so call on both Archangels for double the benefit.)  Azrael’s signature glow is a pearly, very pale butter yellow.
  5. Archangel Raphael
    Raphael is the master healing angel of the heart. By far, the most famous healing angel, he works with many people at once.  Before you go to bed tonight, ask Raphael to bathe you in his emerald light, dabbing any old wounds with his restorative salve. Many people see his green glow after they ask. If you don’t see it with your physical eyes, then use your inner eyes and imagine breathing his light into your heart, soothing and restoring your heart’s own radiant light.

Bonus: In addition to the archangels above, there are sillier, smaller angels who love to tickle people with their charms. You’ve probably seen them before. Because they specialize in the creation of new romantic love, cherubic images have been used for centuries on Valentine cards. The cherubs offer a playful innocence when they’re called. From them, we can always request more joy and fun in love. Warning: their giggles are contagious.

So, to sum up. There are only three steps in firing up your love life with the angels:

One: Ask for support in building higher love into your life.

Two: Open to receive their subtle, positive support in the form of signs, symbols and uplifting sensations.

Three: Release the attachment to past ideas and plans and watch divine design work its magic!

P.S. Don’t worry about your worthiness.

Archangels want to help because it’s what they love to do.

To find out more about how the angels can help, read Lisa’s blog at www.SpiritLisa.com. If you want to more specific direction and guidance on your situation, be sure to check out Lisa’s Love Notes Oracle and Guidebook.

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About Lisa Atkinson

Lisa Atkinson is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Graduate of Doreen Virtue’s Angel University, and Verified Psychic Medium, and creator of the Love Notes Oracle Cards and Guidebook. She offers a variety of spiritual services and training courses through her site: http://www.SpiritLisa.com.

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