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Interview with Kirsten, Creator of the Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards

by Karen Bell

Today on the blog I am thrilled to introduce you to the creator of the Guidance Dog Oracle Cards – Kirsten Laulainen.  Please enjoy the following interview with Kirsten, and be sure to pick up a deck of her gorgeous cards!

What gave you the idea to create the Guidance Dogs Oracle Cards?

The inspiration for these cards was really divine, I believe. I just was walking through the bookstore, looking at all of the other Oracle cards, and said to myself, “Hey, you know what would be really cool? An Oracle card deck with different breeds of dogs, each with their own messages!” And the moment I had that idea, I decided that instead of waiting for someone else to come up with it so I could buy it, I decided to create it myself. I believe that whatever a person sees as being missing from the world, that missing piece is what they are here to fill. So that’s what I did. And I truly believe Guidance Dogs was and is a major part of what I am here to give to the planet.

How did you come up with the messages of each breed?I received the messages for each breed while looking at pictures of each in a dog book. I’ve had an intuitive connection with animals since I was young, and so I just used this connection to help me create my Oracle cards. I flipped through the book and asked each breed if they had a message for me–for people who would be using these cards. For the ones that I got a “yes” on I just tuned in on an even deeper level and asked, “What is your message for me? What do you want to say?” From there, I just listened, and wrote down what I heard. I don’t think of myself as “coming up” with this stuff, as much as I was just open to bringing it through.

Do you think our pets are still with us after they pass away?

Oh, I most certainly do think they are with us after they return to the spirit. From my personal experience, having been through a transition with many of my companion animals, I can say they are still right there with you, loving you, supporting you and cheering you on. Even when they’re not in body anymore. All you have to do is be open to receiving the love and guidance that they have for you. This belief comes into play for Guidance Dogs as well. In the guidebook, one of the first things I ask people to do before they start using the cards, is to make contact with their Animal Ally. This Animal Ally can be a companion that has crossed over, or a totem. Whichever one comes during a small visualization I ask people to do. Making this connection is a vital part of connecting with the spiritual wisdom and support that these cards represent.

Do you think they can act as helpers or guardians from the spirit realm?

Yes, our companions are most certainly acting as guardians and teachers for us. I am particularly aware of this, and have experienced this because of my intuitive connection with animals. Each furry, feathered, or scaly being that comes into our lives is there for a purpose. Is there to demonstrate a particular quality or teach a particular lesson, and this most certainly continues when their time with us here on our comes to an end. It expands, even.

How do you think these Oracle cards help people?

I believe that these cards will help people connect with the dog energy in their life, or in the places around them. I also believe that they will provide validation and comfort to those people who have had experiences with the powerful love and companionship dogs can bring. I also believe that these cards will help people to connect with the nurturing of the earth, and the support that you can get through connecting with these energies. Dogs, as many other animals, hold these earth energies very well, and are the main way that they are brought into our lives. This can help with feeling more grounded, more secure, more joyful, confident, and simply feeling more at home in yourself and in your world. Lastly, I believe that these cards will help people be aware of the wisdom that is available to them in everyday life. To help them be open to the idea that there are symbols and signs from our loving universe, even in the face of a dog.

What is your personal technique of reading the cards?

My personal technique for using these cards is really very simple. I just infuse the cards with my energy before my first use, set my intention for the reading (which usually comes in the form of a question) and then I just trust that I will feel which cards need to be drawn. My fingertips usually tingle when they touch important cards, so I just go with it. That is my intuition talking, so I know that whatever card or cards come through, they were the ones perfect for this particular situation. If cards happen to tag along or fall out while I am drawing, I trust those as well. Those cards are picked by the universe/my animal allies/guides for me, so they carry even more significance.

What advice can you give for someone who is new to reading oracle cards?

My advice would be to release any judgments or worries that they may have about whether they are doing the preparation “right” for the cards. All that matters is your intention. If that is in the right place when you come to use these cards, you’ll never go wrong. My other piece of advice would be to trust your instincts–your intuition, your gut feeling–when picking cards. There is no “wrong way” to draw cards, just as there is no “wrong” card to have drawn. Everything is always in divine alignment, and when you use Oracle cards, you are aligning yourself with that divine flow.

How can people get in touch with you for a reading or to buy your cards?

To get in touch with me about a reading, please e-mail me at: kirstenlaulainen@gmail.com.

To purchase a copy of Guidance Dogs, please purchase them on Amazon, and if you like them, please consider leaving a review!

I also do animal intuitive work, for people and their companions. For more information about my intuitive work with animals, please visit Inner Circle Animal Communication at: http://innercircleanimalcommunication.wordpress.com/

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