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Doreen Virtue Cruise | Angel Intuitive at Sea Certification Course
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Doreen Virtue Cruise: Angel Intuitive at Sea

by Carly Wilson

angel-intuitive-cruiseHave any of you considered going on one of the cruises offered by the spirituality book publisher, Hay House? I was lucky enough to attend a recent ten night Hay House cruise of the South Pacific!

The ship departed from Sydney and while sailing to and from the beautiful tropical islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia, we all became licensed Angel Therapy Practitioners and had 13 hours of intensive workshop with acclaimed angel communicator, Doreen Virtue. There were about 200 people attending which, compared to other events that Doreen Virtue is associated with, was very intimate.

The major take-home that Doreen really drilled into us over the course of the cruise was that when you receive intuitive guidance (aka a hunch, a gut feeling, etc.) you have to listen and follow through.  She compared it to being an employee for a company and how if you are the type of employee who questions direction you won’t get very far but if you are the type that does, you’ll usually be promoted very quickly. Of course all have free will in life but she made the point that the guidance we receive from our guides and angels can only help us and so it always pays to follow it!

I got the chance to put this theory into practice recently. Earlier this week I attended a two-day four wheel driving class as mandatory training for a new job. I’m really excited about the job because I’ll be working as a professional wildlife rescuer in Australia and will get flown out all over the country to rescue animals from development sites and analyze habitat. As you can imagine I really didn’t want to blow this amazing opportunity yet somehow I managed to FAIL the driving exam!! While comprehending what had just happened, I suddenly heard a clear, calm voice in my head say, “ask to take the test again”. I knew that this was true intuitive guidance and not just mind babble because the voice was much calmer than my own inner dialogue. It was also very insistent and asking me to do something that I would not normally be brave enough to do. After a few minutes I got up the nerve to follow the guidance and ask if I could retake the test, explaining that I had been very nervous and really didn’t want to ruin my chances at this new job. To my relief he said yes and I passed!

As well as learning about the importance of following our intuition we also learned, over the course of the cruise, about cord-cutting, shielding, angel communication, mediumship, and how to use tarot and oracle cards. It helped me to become much more confident in my intuitive abilities – and I even discovered abilities I didn’t even know I had! Suddenly, I was delivering messages to people from their departed parents and deceased children and even picking up on their causes of death! It was crazy!

angel-intuitive-cruise-02We were also, of course, on a cruise and so there was a lot more to enjoy outside of the workshop! I got a freaking amazing tan after a week relaxing on tropical beaches and snorkeling through beautiful coral reefs. All of the islands we visited were primarily French-speaking so that was a really cool experience, too. It was also very easy to get used to the cruise lifestyle. I’m still grieving the loss of 24 hour access to room service! On a cruise all of your food is complimentary, including room service, and the gratuity is built into the rate so you don’t have to stress about tipping. The limited access to the internet and lack of phone reception also helps in the process of shutting down and having a restful vacation. For any of you that have an interest in the angelic realms and psychic development, I would definitely recommend attending a Hay House cruise!!

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About Carly Wilson

Carly is a fauna spotter in Queensland, Australia. Please connect with her via her website, Twitter, or Facebook by clicking the links below.

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