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Ushering In a New World With the Help of Our Angels
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Ushering In a New World With the Help of Our Angels

by Regine Vavasseur

We are coming into a new world, as the world as we know it will no longer exist. Instinctively many of you know this if you’re on the path. This year will bring many changes in all of our lives as we witness the continuing chaos that has been ongoing in our world. Look for more financial upheavals and governments toppling – it may seem unsettling but in order for the new world to emerge, all of the old ways must end. As calamities continue we must be mindful of our participation in them as negative energy.  Arguing, flipping someone off as you drive, thinking unkind thoughts of another or holding grudges creates the energy that causes calamities. Let’s be more respectful of others and practice kindness of the heart as this will help your transition into this new way of being that is to come. In fact it’s already here; we just need to energetically tap into it by coming from our heart completely.

There are Holy Beings here that will be guiding us in to the new way of being. We just have to look past the chaos and feel into our hearts.  Let go of the fear of what you don’t have and realize what you do have. YOU, your Heart, your Soul and you’re realizing that you are a beautiful, spiritual and energetic being and not just this body. I know this is sometimes hard to grasp but it is so.

This is a year to work on your relationships with yourself and with others. Start by being willing to love and accept yourself just as you are. Allow yourself to vibrantly feel your oneness with the All that Is. Then on to your relationships to others, mend them, forgive them completely and see them thru the Creators eyes, harmoniously and with wholeness. If this is a challenge, just be willing to see them differently. Ask Archangel Uriel for help in healing each situation. All of this is in preparation of the opening of your heart for it’s time to be Heart Smart. Allow your intuitiveness to re-emerge and assist in helping others that are faltering. Be the example of how you want our world to be. Remembering that it starts with us and as we perpetuate goodness and love this energetically helps our planet.

Call on the Angelic beings that have been here from the beginning of our planets time to assist us on our Heart Smart mission. Our Guardian Angels and Archangels are waiting to help us to heal in the most harmonious way. While we have free will, they cannot and will not interrupt unless we ask. So do ask and then take your hands off and allow them to do the work. For some of you it may be a hunch to do something differently or an overall change will take place that you would call a miracle. Look for signs as feathers float from nowhere and land on the bench your sitting on, or as a butterfly sweetly perches on your shoulder. The angels are just letting you know they are there and are trying to get your attention to let you know they are working on it. All it takes is willingness to be better, do better and to see better.

So my sweet ones this is your charge our planet depends on you. It time for you to be reborn as true citizens of our planet.

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About Regine Vavasseur

Regine Vavasseur is an Angel Therapy Practitioner (ATP), RPT, Theta Healing Practitioner, speaker and facilitator of workshops who lives and practices in Redondo Beach, CA. Visit her website by clicking the link below or call 310-316-1284.

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