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Daily Angel Reading – Throat Chakra | Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
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Daily Angel Reading – Throat Chakra

by Doreen Virtue

Throat-ChakraCard Meaning:  The angels are helping you lovingly speak your truth.

The angels send you this card because of important messages that you need to express, either verbally or in written form.  You’re encouraged to speak your truth to yourself and others.  To yourself, admit your true feelings as well as any revelations you’ve had.  Keep a journal of these ideas, thoughts, and inspirations.

The throat chakra is the energy center located in the neck, which governs speech, writing, and creative expression.  When you squelch your truth because of fears of disapproval, your throat chakra tightens and darkens.  Prior experiences (in this life or past) of being punished for speaking up can also close this energy center.

Fortunately, the angels are working to unlock your self-expression by sending pure Divine light and love to you and your throat chakra.  Ask the angels to help you speak up for yourself lovingly and assertively, and they’ll guide your words with verve and humor.

Action Steps:

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who assists you to eloquently, truthfully, and lovingly express your thoughts and feelings.  Take a moment to center yourself, and then say:

“Archangel Gabriel, I call upon you now.  Thank you for guiding me in the expression of my inner truth and wisdom.  I ask that you watch over me in all that I say and write so that I may clearly convey my inner messages.”

This card was drawn from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

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Diego Gutierrez November 3, 2012 at 6:20 am

Hello KB,
My name is Diego and I just wanted to tell you just how happy I am to have stumbled upon your YouTube videos, for they are wonderful to watch, and all contain a very inspirational message. I give thanks for all the wonderful people that I meet every day of my life, whether it’s in person or not. Please keep up the great work, for I truly believe that many will benefit from your hard work just like I did. Hopefully I can hear from you through an email since I live in the United States in California. Either way, i would like to send you and yours lots of joy, good health, happiness, abundance, and above all lots of love. God Bless


Karen Bell November 3, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Hi Diego! So nice to meet you and thank you for the compliments and encouragement… I really appreciate it! California is one of my favorite places!



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