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Stuck in the Past | Release the Past with Help from Archangel Michael
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Are You Stuck in the Past? Call Upon Archangel Michael

by Gary Frese

To move forward successfully in our lives, it is a good bet that we need to release lower-energy life experiences or people before moving on fearlessly. Lower-energy life experiences include childhood experiences that have scared us, unhappy relationships, guilt about hurting others, unhappy career or job related experiences, dysfunctional family experiences, etc. The list does go on and on whenever we allow a “list” to develop and grow during our lifetime. The longer we wait to address our life issues, the stronger the emotional cords become that bond us to our lower-energy experiences. In addition, what tends to make matters worse is that we give our personal power away to “our list”. Our “lists” are so convenient! Whenever we need an excuse for not moving forward fearlessly, we just refer to our “list”. Our “list” is guaranteed to give us the excuses we need to remain in our self-imposed, fear-based environment.

So, how do we identify and remove the emotional cords that keep us attached to our lower-energy experiences? There are earthly and angelic ways to eliminate the emotional cords.

Regardless of the method that you use to eliminate your emotional cords from the past, first you must identify and make a list of the lower-energy experiences you are carrying with you. Making a list is a challenge in itself because we tend to block out and emotionally ignore life experiences that we allow to continually hurt and hold us back. My suggestion is that you relax and put yourself in a meditative state so you can ask your angels and divine creator to help you identify life experiences that need to be released. Many of you have heard of, and used, earthly methods to eliminate lower-energy emotional cords.

Some of the earthly methods include making a list of what we want to release and…

1.  Burn the list.
2.  Bury the list in Mother Earth.
3.  Attach the list to a balloon and release it to the sky above.
4.  Place the list in a stream or river to let it float away.

There are numerous earthly methods you can use to release your lower-energy experiences. It does not matter what method you use as long as your intention is to release your experiences so you can move forward in life fearlessly and successfully.

stuck in the pastThe Angelic Method for releasing lower-energy experiences is to call on an angel to help you disconnect and release the lower-energies. I personally prefer to call on Archangel Michael to help me release both my past and present lower-energy experiences. I like calling on Archangel Michael because together we can grasp his sword to cut through the emotional cords. Envisioning his sword in my hands gives me the extra strength I need to cut through my lower-energy emotional cords successfully. Here is how I suggest you call on and use the help that Archangel Michael has to offer you:

1.  Place yourself in a relaxed, meditative state.
2.  Ask Archangel Michael to join you.
3.  Specifically ask him to help you identify the lower-energy emotional cords or people that no longer serve your higher good. I have found that the cords attached to the Chakras are affected the most by lower-energy experiences.
4.  Ask to be detached from your experiences so you can open yourself up to moving forward in life fearlessly in a state of love and forgiveness. It is important that you do this with the intention of forgiving yourself as well as others who are part of your lower-energy experiences.
5.  Close your eyes while grasping Archangel Michael’s sword and he will help you visualize the cords that you need to cut though. You never know how many cords require cutting or how many cords are attached to various Chakras. The longer you have been attached to your lower-energy experiences, the thicker the cords tend to be and the more Chakras they are attached to depending on which Chakras you store your lower energies.
6.  After you cut through the cords, it is important to seal each cord-end that you just cut through using Archangel Michael’s sword. Use his sword to seal or cauterize the cord ends. This does significantly reduce the chance of the cords growing back together and reconnecting with your past lower energies.
7. After you have successfully cut through your cords, offer a prayer of thanks for the help you received. Then, get ready to sleep peacefully because it usually is a bit emotionally draining to face and cut though your emotional cords. After a successful cord cutting ritual, you will either go to sleep as I do, waking up feeling like a new person or immediately feel refreshed and ready to take life on in a very positive way.

A couple of words of advice if you are cutting the cords associated with a love that no longer serves you. First, honor the fact that you loved this person. Then, ask Archangel Michael to remove the bad energy and feelings associated with the relationship while leaving behind the positive relationship experiences. This way, the good memories that remain will be honored and appreciated by you for a lifetime.

Frequently, only one session is required to cut the cords. However, I have had clients report that they have had to repeat the sessions up to four times (once daily) to release the lower-energies from their mind, soul and body. Just remember that the more open you are to releasing the lower-energies associated with your past or the present, the easier it will be to release those energies.

With Love and Blessings for the enlightened future you are creating,


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About Gary Frese

Gary Frese is an Angel Guide and Spiritual Guidance Coach who has conducted over 4000 angelically inspired readings in the last five years. Visit Gary's website today to receive his free weekly angel guidance message.

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