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Power Up Your Angels with Lisa Atkinson
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Power Up Your Angels

by Lisa Atkinson

There’s one thing that I know for sure – Angels don’t care what we look like, what we’ve have done, how much cashola we make, what religion we are, what kind of mistakes we have made, who we’ve hurt or anything funky like that. Furthermore, they commit to us for life.

Angels are non-denominational and they see us in the eyes of complete unconditional love! It is impossible for us to imagine, but it is true.

Even if we hate someone and cursed them in the past, our angels can actually go to another person’s angels and start to create harmonic relationships if we ask them to. Yes. Really.

Try it! Just for fun, think of the worst person in your life and ask your angels to go to their angels with love and sparkles. If the other person is the slightest bit open, you will see things start to change for the better over time. Doing this creates colorful energetic streams that ARE seen and heard on higher dimensions – and, in divine timing, answered.

In fact, if you ever see someone having trouble or if you are having trouble yourself, you can call the angels for them. Just say or think: “Angels, please embrace and help _______ (me, or that person who is treated badly, or the person in that car accident on the highway, or that animal who is sick!)”

It’s even better when we pray for the benefit of more than one person because the powers of the angels are magnified for us. Miraculous, I know!

We can all employ our own personal angels. Everyone has at least one personal guardian angel. People have reported seeing them appear at nearly fatal accidents. This is when they are allowed to interfere with our lives without our invitation – when it’s life or death.

It’s rare to see an angel step in on their own because of the Law of Free Will, which says that we all get to be bad if we want and they can’t do squat about it. (Gasp! Uggh. I know. I didn’t make the rules.) Remember, this is Earth School, otherwise known as the School of Hard Knocks. Some of us will never build a relationship with our personal angels. The point is that we must usually call them into our lives by asking for their help.

So, do call on your guardian angels. They can help in unseen ways. But wait. There’s more!

A bazillion (too many to comprehend) MORE angels are also standing by. All they need is a “green light” from you. There are many legions of messenger angels available to us.

Plus, we can also appeal to the higher archangels and the angelic beings above them, which include cherubim and seraphim and others.

Some people balk at this. They don’t want to hog up the big angels when they have much better things to do, like work on World Peace.

Surprise! Angels can work with many people, places and things – simultaneously. We can call them in for everyone, including our families, lands at war, and for ourselves – and the angels can help them ALL at once! Archangels are like holograms. Their consciousness or energy can break off into particles so that they are with everyone at once. Ahem. Hard to swallow? I know. You just have to trust me on this one.

All you do is – aloud or silently – ask them for help. It’s simple. You will probably want to ask for help with certain things, so let’s just go through some popular archangels in a list with their commonly known specialties.

Archangel Michael – He is great to call for helping us with so many things involving empowerment, manifesting and protection. A little known area of his concern is also the Big W: Worry. So much havoc can be generated from nervous thoughts and worry. Clear energy follows thought, so what we think does move toward manifesting. Ask Michael to change your thoughts before they occur to your consciousness!

Also, as an aside, Archangel Michael sometimes sprinkles blue and purple sparks around, and these can be seen around teachers of spiritual matters. I have see this myself, and I found it thrilling to watch the crown and third eye chakras being ignited that way. (See? It’s not all serious and boring! Some is fun and silly, too.)

Money troubles? Archangels Ariel and Nathaniel are wonderful for prosperity issues. Call on them whenever you want support in financial areas. Ask either or both of them to help you be willing to receive Your turn. What about you — would you be horrified or happy to find out that your angels, loved ones and guides see your actions and know your deepest secrets? ♥ (You don’t have to answer here. If you’d be horrified, though, it’s probably a pretty good time to rethink some stuff.) Peace!Most people who have near death experiences, in fact, report having a “life review” over there…. or the records of divine judgment. Most people who have near death experiences, in fact, report having a “life review” over there….

Your turn. What about you — would you be horrified or happy to find out that your angels, loved ones and guides see your actions and know your deepest secrets? ♥ (You don’t have to answer here. If you’d be horrified, though, it’s probably a pretty good time to rethink some stuff.) Peace!wealth from all kinds of unexpected areas. Then, ask them to help your personal angels line up with the angels of people who need your skills and hobbies and who are willing to compensate generously. Why not ask for angelic assistance with paying the bills? They really are here to help, and sometimes we just need a sign or message about what to pursue next.

One caution here: sometimes we must release what no longer serves in order to open the way for new joys to come in, and that can mean letting go of old limiting beliefs, vows, and stuff.

PROSPERITY TIP: Saying the positive words aloud as if the goal has already occurred directs energy toward receiving this outcome and/or an angel’s support. An affirmation that draws on the help of Archangel Ariel is to say, “All the support I need is manifested. Archangel Ariel is always helping.” Affirmations are like prayers in that they help us focus the mind on the purpose toward a positive outcome.

The ripple effect: As you stand in your light, your radiance forms waves that ripple out from your aura to touch and uplift the people around you. On the subtle level, it reaches all sentient beings. We are all counting on you to trust your divine brilliance. Your light matters!

Archangel Raphael – Famously known as the great healer angel, ask him to help you and your loved ones (yes – animals, too) for health issues. All of the angels are able to do many things, and Raphael is no exception. He also loves to work on travel!

So, when you decide to take your next trip, it’s a good idea to ask for him to oversee the details and help you from the beginning of your planning stages. He is super helpful and you may even see his emerald light when he comes to help.

And you get an even bigger deal with the angels! I can’t cover all of them in this small space, but there are many other angels to call on – each with their own specialty. Look for more information on the web and in books by authors you like.

Look for signs from them, too! Angels and loved ones delight in supporting us.

Ask your angels for a sign!

The trick is in YOU being open. Since we live in our bodies, a lot of information comes in here, and this includes spiritual input. We might have a gut feeling, for instance. Getting a tingly feeling or having goose flesh can signal their vibration around you. If you don’t believe in angels at all, this is obviously key. It’s called Blind Faith. It’s worked for bazillions of people!

Many people notice repeating numbers that start with 44, and this indicates angelic validation for them (they see 44, 445, etc). Also, look for synchronicity, when coincidences line up in an uncanny beneficial manner. Angels are often involved in these occurrences.

As a bonus, every now and then, they offer physical manifestations of their support by bridging the gap to our material world and leaving coins and feathers, flowers, and other things. These are called apports, and they are just as real as the angels! I love it when that happens.

Ask your angels to assist you with something right this very minute. Afterwards, let go of your expectations and trust that they have greater perspective and are working on the highest outcome – even if you can’t see the results instantly. Divine timing may present a delay or something better than your vision may be in the works. We never know. ♥ Your angels still love you – even if you don’t think they exist! ♥

If you have trouble getting started, reach out! There are lots of great resources around in the form of sites and books. While I am not really an angel, I can still help you get angel messages through personalized readings. Contact me through my site: angelpowergirl.com. The welcome mat is always out. Hope to see you there. In the meantime, may you feel the angels embrace you every moment!

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About Lisa Atkinson

Lisa Atkinson is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, Graduate of Doreen Virtue’s Angel University, and Verified Psychic Medium, and creator of the Love Notes Oracle Cards and Guidebook. She offers a variety of spiritual services and training courses through her site: http://www.SpiritLisa.com.

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