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Connecting with Your Angels by Eve Picquette
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Connecting With Your Angels

by Eve Picquette

First, have you ever wondered why your angels didn’t help you with something? It is because you didn’t ask. Angels cannot interfere with our free choice, except in emergency situations. I’ve often thought – “Well, that was a miserable conversation or evening! Where were my angels when I needed them?” Then I realize that I didn’t ask for their help. I didn’t ask for their guidance in saying the right thing, and in seeing others with love and compassion. So the first thing to do to connect with your angels is to ask the angels for help.

But perhaps you have asked for help and didn’t feel that you received any help. I have felt that way, too. What I have found is that if I didn’t feel I received help there were usually two problems with my request: I was either asking the angels to change someone else to suit my desires or I was asking for something that was not in my best interests. Let me illustrate:

Asking for Others to Change:

Before I learned better, I believed that if other people and circumstances would change, then I would be happy. But the angels do not interfere with other people’s personal choices, just to please me. So I have learned to ask, instead, to receive whatever blessing I want from the best source – even if it is not from the person I would prefer. For example – one day while on a trip with friends, the men decided to get up early, go out for breakfast and golf, leaving the ladies with the children. At first we were a little unhappy – we would have liked the men to want to include and treat us. But no one, not even the angels, would change their minds, particularly if we ladies were feeling angry or neglected. So we asked ourselves what we were missing. We wanted to feel like we were free and having fun, too. Then we asked for help and inspiration to have a great day for ourselves. The angels inspired us to pack up the children, go out to breakfast ourselves and then to the beach. We had a marvelous time and our needs for fun and freedom were met. Because we were happy, we had no unhappy feelings toward our men and didn’t need them to change.

Asking for Specifics:

I have also learned that angels know things that we do not know. In the past, I often asked for very specific things. I have asked for a certain man to show interest in me. I have pleaded to get a particular job or to be accepted into a particular school. When I did not get what I wanted – I let it affect my trust in the angel’s help and guidance. I didn’t realize that things were always working out for me, even though I did not get what I wanted! One time I had applied for an attorney position at a hospital that was near my home and where I was sure I was meant to work. I didn’t get the job and I was disappointed. Within six months the hospital closed under major ethical and financial issues. I was so fortunate not to get that job and I got a much better job a few weeks later! From that I learned to ask for the blessings I want and need, but to trust that the angels know what is best for me and that I do not need to dictate how, when and where I will get that wonderful blessing!

And I asked for the angel’s help in writing this – so Thank You Angels!

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About Eve Picquette

Eve Picquette is a licensed attorney with a Masters in Nursing & Mental Health. She is also an intuitive counselor, Certified NLP Life Coach, Certified Matrix Practitioner, and certified Angel Therapy Practioner. Eve offers practical, intuitive guidance & solutions through email and via Skype.

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