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Connect to Your Spiritual Helpers by Cindy Goldenberg
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Connect to Your Spiritual Helpers

by Cindy Goldenberg


Are you aware that you have a natural ability to connect with your spiritual helpers? Call them guardian angels, spiritual guides, deceased loved ones, ascended masters or light creatures; whatever the name, the connection is genuine!

Are you aware that you possess something so beautiful, magnificent and unique within you that it can never be damaged, thrown away or discontinued? Desire is just one of the mysterious, unusual ingredients that drive our existence and fuel our passion!

Are you aware that the same energy that it takes to fuel a thought is the same energy that is at the heart of the Universe! This unseen matter is what evolves our consciousness, our Universe, everything!

Become aware of how amazingly wonderful you really are–daily–hourly–and see the difference this realization now makes in your life!

“Oh Man Times Are Tight!” And Other Frustrating Terms

Among the media, television, newspaper headlines, and the economy, we sure do get inundated with lack, limitation and fear! Everyone wants to have more, lead a better life and release struggle. I know I would. Where is that money tree? I know I planted it around here somewhere!

Yes, money and financial security can liberate us from struggle–but so can a “feeling”! “Yeah right!” you may say, but it’s the truth! Imagining the freedom of being safe and joyful — of “having” “enjoying” “spending” “receiving” “sharing” “benefitting” from wealth is the same vibrational frequency of really having it. Spirit does not know the difference between our imagination and our reality–only what we think about the experience. So train yourself to “feel” something different.

One method is to try to maintain an attitude of thankfulness while in the middle a problem. Despair, lack and worry are all very low vibrations. And for many of us, they are a very genuine reality in our lives. However, if we can just attempt–for only a few minutes every day–to intent to focus on what we do have–our family, our loved ones, our friends, our gardens, cars, health, pets, good weather…anything–it immediately sends out an electrical signal of summoning the experience. Yet our emotional reactions to this “pretend” can actually prevent our receiving a positive experience when we don’t allow a heartfelt space to be open to possibility, abundance, divine flow, wealth, etc.

Be aware of nature–see abundance in all living things. Ground yourself in the awareness that there is more than enough of everything for everyone–in the world–and refuse to buy into any limitation.

Be peaceful, centered and calm for a few a minutes every day and be thankful for all you have, and will have, and accept it in present time.

Everything that makes you joyful, creative and fulfilled you deserve to have! So relish your desires as divine prompts of faith –you will create an automatic attraction of abundance when you do!

A Few Channeled Angel Messages

Here is a wonderful channeled message given to me by team of angels. After a peaceful meditation, I quickly wrote down these inspiring words. The colors and feelings it brought me were absolutely divine. Read, enjoy, and invite your higher self.

Your Amazing Spirit

“Release the need to figure things out on your own. Don’t be deceived, but let yourself to spread your wings to new, different higher perspectives, where resentment has no hold.

View your past, failures, and emotional pain as ideas, that both you and the world conceived… to experience, and to survive. Gaze up at the sky, and see them escape though a celestial window, a starry vortex where light comes in and pulls matter out, and up….into the galaxies, to another realm, where we no longer need to worry about it. Where it no longer exists. Be aware that it is all taken care of.

Take a deep breath into your being your innate knowingness, a spiritual light that says ‘I know who I am!’ Feel yourself aligning with a higher vibrating powerful energy force. See everything you’ve ever known, or identified with, as being pulled out of existence — disappearing through a dark hole.

You are not fearful, just observant — that all things, ideas, places, people, and events now turn into a hidden magnetic energy that attracts itself like a gentle moving heavenly wave. You feel it, but are not part of it. You enjoy it, yet feel like a far away observer.

You are peaceful, unattached, benevolent. Then you see a tree — a wonderful white oak with outer limbs as arms. You are in a new place, a garden, with green grasses, valleys, tall trees, and blossoms. You can sense a new rhythm, a new way of breathing. And you have new insight!

You are not alone, yet don’t need to know why. It isn’t necessary. You feel light, yet delicate as you look down at your soft-skinned legs and feet. You feel your existence not limited to this body space but rather connected to it.

You feel the light, the frosty energy of everything. It gently pulsates though your feet and forearms. This is your innate awakened sense of reality.

You open up your arms and feel light and energy gravitate towards your inner arms and palms of your hands. You raise your arms above your head, lightly touch your fingertips together, then bring them down around your body creating a vortex of divine energy all around you. You know this is your nest and that you are cradled within the Universal Mind.

You speak in tones of “OM”; you sing praises in your heart to be renewed and rebirth in this new awakened way.

You look upon the mountainous landscape and see holographic places–cities, people and places you’ve gone or want to go. You realize you’ve always had this incredible ability to transcend and realign with whatever it is you want to experience. And for this you are eternally grateful.

You now see thousands, and millions, of people seeing the same thing, creating a gentle movement in the skies of velvet lavender hues and blue opalescent light.

Eventually each day every individual transcends into the holographic cities, lifting to where they want to belong, this time with increased value and eternal worth. Like blossoms in the early spring, everyone drifts up into their desired places and ascends into their new realities — awaiting the next global assignment to reawaken the collective minds, reminding you…

To go where you dream of being, stand with those you admire, love and enjoy. Let no one or no thing interfere with your dreams, of who you really are, of what you’re capable of doing, of who you’re supposed to be.

Recognize you’ve been here before, and now begin again. Create. Renew. Expand. Grow. Remember your eternal greatness and divine Reflection.

Affirm your souls’ agreement by saying “I remember this.”

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Cindy Goldenberg is a celebrity clairvoyant, motivational speaker & intuitive success coach that helps people make smarter, better, richer lifestyle choices by using their intuition.

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