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Connecting to your Angels and your Divine Self
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Connecting to your Angels and Divine Self

by Karen Cota


It is most important right now to connect to your Angels and Divine Self. For me, staying in alignment with the true self helps me each day not to suffer, be negative, or struggle at life. Life’s “stuff” goes on much easier when I stay in a divine place. So much is changing that asking for help from your Angels, Guides and Divine Higher Self is most beneficial.

How do we do that?

First thing is to take the time to be in your own scared space by quieting the mind, letting go of all you have to do, relaxing and listening for your own Divine inspiration or messages. Don’t try to analyze it or filter what you get. Just allow it to come in. If you don’t understand it, ask for clarity. The Angels are happy to serve you at this time. Nothing is too small or too big for them. They love you very much and will work with you anytime.

2. Work at being grateful all through the day for everything even if you don’t want to. We don’t have to like what is going on, but we can take the time to see something good in it and be grateful. Even writing 10 things each day to be grateful for is so wonderful practice. You are then focusing on the good and what you really want as opposed to what you don’t want. This is the time to focus on what you want and create it. The Angels will help you! You are a creator along with the Universal Intelligence.

3. Work at showing a smile. It has been proven that just a smile brings a person vibration up higher and the cells of the body react chemically in a way that is healthy for the body. See the good in others – it maybe just a spark, but it is there and you can help them also with just a smile. Add to the world and not take away from it. Sent an Angel to someone!

4. Learn to love everything…simple idea, but hard to do some times. Just saying I love you over and over again brings you to a higher vibration and clears your space so more good things come in. It will change your life. It also allows the Angels and your Divine self to come closer and help you more. They have a high vibration and they have to lower it some to meet with you and you have to raise yours for a fuller contact. You will be amazed at the difference. You may even have your own gives and graces heightened so you can see the Angels. Your message will be stronger and you will have a great life.

Continue to practice these steps to explore the possibilities. Experiment for yourself what changes can take place and is it “TRUE”. Allow your connection to be. You are worthy, you deserve it and the Angels want to connect with you. JUST ASK and BE OPEN!

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About Karen Cota

Karen Cota is a certified Angel Therapy practitioner, spiritual counselor, and hypnotherapist as well as an ordained minister, clairvoyant and Reiki Master. Karen is also the founder of the Quantum Therapeutic Center in Gilbert, Arizona. For more information on her services, please visit her website by clicking the link below.

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