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Activate Angel Presence Now!

by North Star Oracle

In times of struggle, heartache and fear it is the perfect time to take a breath and realign with your heart and inner guidance. Your Angels are always with you and want to assist as soon as you ask for help. They come at the heels of breath, of silence, of physical activity – so get going! Here are three suggestions to activate your life with Angel presence now:


Running especially is a grounding, meditative tool. Think of running, the rhythm of your feet on the pavement as drums, and repeat your questions and affirmations during this time. You’d be surprised with the information you receive and general well being directly following. Archangel Sandalphon, the Angel of music and the muse, can inspire you and keep the momentum going. What about a new workout playlist? Hand it over to Archangel Sandalphon!

Quiet the Mind

Quiet the mind first thing when you wake up in the morning. Set the intention for what kind of assistance you would like for the day. For example, Archangel Uriel is one to ask to illuminate the mind with wisdom and helps with problem solving. Then go about your day and look subtly for the answers, signs and synchronicities. It’s fun! Don’t forget the play and laughter even in the most challenging situations. It is a quick way to dissipate the fear and get back into a joyful, receptive, grateful center!


Gardening is healing on many levels. You can dig into the Earth, clear out the weeds, toss the overgrown stuff and feel the tension leave your body immediately. It is easy to get into “the zone” this way (especially on a large property!). What is more refreshing than seeing your space cleaned up and ready for something new? Care for the things you plant or plan ahead for next season. Your space is waiting for you and loves to give back to you what you offer it. Archangel Ariel is the Angel of the environment and nature. Ask Ariel for guidance during your gardening and note what birds or animals cross your path. An excellent tool for animal symbolism is the Ted Andrews classic, Animal Speak.

With consistent attention to your intentions for the day, stating your requests and desires, your Angels are there to support you every step of the way. When we are doubtful and pessimistic, we have turned off the natural grace and flow for love to come in and help, to change and transform our lives. Archangel Michael is the Angel to ask for courage, for life purpose, for strength. I am reminded of a quote from The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud and Jessica Macbeth, regarding the Singer of Courage card:

One of the keys to courage is to consider the fear and find a way to let the energy of the fear itself power the action. That is true courage. Within each of us, there is the terrified inner mouse, and there is the brave inner hero. Either part of us can take over from the other. We get to choose which is in charge. The mouse is a magician with only one trick. It can cast an illusion that it is big as an elephant. Then fear nearly overwhelms us – but we still have choice. Learning to live with and manage the reactive animal within involves transforming emotions like rage and fear into courage.

What is most reassuring is that Angel guidance is never far away. Choose love, choose strength and start to see amazing changes in your life!

North Star Oracle

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About North Star Oracle

The meaning behind the name North Star Oracle is to honor the history and symbolism of the Northern Star. As a source of comfort, as a guide, shining bright. Every Sunday we pull a card for the week. The question in mind is for the well being of Mother Earth and our worldwide community. Throughout the week we also feature art across the wide spectrum of tarot and oracle studies.

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Shana November 12, 2012 at 9:05 pm

Thank you KB for providing all that you do! This article is extremely helpful for me right now.


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