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Angel Numbers 222 | Angel Communication by Sweet Grass and Sage Healing
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Angel Numbers 222: Have Faith!

by Sweet Grass and Sage Healing

When I was a little girl, I went to a school named PS 222. So it wasn’t too surprising when many years later, my angels began to communicate to me with these three numbers as I started on my spiritual journey. It seems as though no matter where I am or what I am doing, I am called to see this time when it appears on a clock. I can also look up seemingly for no reason and see the numbers 222 appear on home addresses and in telephone numbers on the sides of vans. Recently, I called my former work to find out about transferring my pension. Wouldn’t you know that “222” were the last three digits of this amount???

So what does all of this mean? According to Doreen Virtue, this number sequence is telling us, “Have faith; everything’s going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything, as this situation is resolving itself beautifully for everyone involved.” What a terrific message to receive over and over again from my angels.

It never seems to fail that when I am consumed with worry or doubt, (basically when I am living in fear rather than in love and faith and trust), I receive these messages clairvoyantly. Last year, when selecting a new therapist in a new city, I pleasantly noticed that the numbers 222 appeared in her business address. This reassured me as I was concerned about her being the right fit for me. Seeing these numbers confirmed that I was in fact making the right decision and that it would all work out. I am pleased to report that I have being seeing her once a week for nearly a year now. She has helped me immensely as I have adjusted to life on different coast and the grief connected to letting go of my old life, patterns and even some people.

Numbers are not the only avenue that my angels use to help me see things. Last year, I was fortunate to have a few different schools give me offers to work for them. I made my pros and cons lists, I spoke to trusted friends and family and meditated at length as to which school I should go with. Finally, in desperation, I asked my spiritual team for a “concrete” sign. I went on with my day and had forgotten about my request. Later that evening I was meeting a friend for coffee and though it was March in New York, the weather was mild enough to sit outside in the café’s garden area. I chose a seat near a statue and sipped my drink, waiting patiently for my companion. I began to hone in on the statue of a particular saint that was standing behind me. It was at that moment that I froze. One of the schools that I was deliberating over was named to honor this saint. When my friend arrived a few minutes later, she found me shaking my head and smiling wide. I have now been employed with this school for over a year and it has been a stable and supportive work environment. Once again my angels came through to guide me lovingly on my path.

My angels do not only use numbers to communicate with me. I have also been lucky enough to hear the right messages at the right time. Another word for this is “clairaudience”. In the spring, I was with a friend listening to the radio. I told this person that I was thinking about buying a Honda. Buying a new car for the first time and not being an avid driver, I felt led to this brand but wasn’t sure why and had some anxiety about this choice. No sooner did the words leave my lips, did President Obama announce (via a snippet of a speech which was being broadcasted at that moment) “That’s a good idea.” Coincidence? Maybe. But with my angels, I think not. My angels are very clear and don’t over-share as I am sometimes guilty of doing. They get right to the point and are very direct in their messages to me.

I am very much a feelings person. It doesn’t take long for me to tell you how I am doing emotionally. I love a good laugh and can also appreciate a good cry. In fact, I think crying has gotten a bad name because I always feel so relieved afterward. But that’s a whole other topic! At any rate, my strongest avenue to communicate with the angels is through my feelings (clairsentience). I often get the chills when I am speaking to people about certain topics or when I am alone thinking. The chills that I get (which can occur on very hot days) indicate to me that what I am speaking of or thinking of, is in fact correct. I believe that chills tell me to pay attention. I get them when making decisions both big and small and when meeting people for the “first time”. I believe that I get the chills when reconnecting to past life people and places.

I always try to notice how I feel in situations and with particular people. I sometimes ignore my feelings and I always without a doubt “pay for it”. Many years ago, I left my profession briefly and entered the corporate world. I took quite a pay cut but had faith that something would work out. A few months later, I was offered a high profile position with a substantial raise. At the precise moment that the woman in the human resources department offered me the position, I had a stabbing pain in my gut warning me of what was to come. I have never experienced this sensation since but I will say without going into any detail that if I ever feel this again, I will listen and not proceed further. My angels would expect nothing less, I am sure.

My angels communicate with me by using numbers and other phrases on billboards or posters. I have also received messages by hearing a phrase from a random person or song that comes on my iPod. The chills that I get are my biggest gift. They are strong and “on time” and leave me without any doubt that my angels are all around me, urging me and caring for me. I was once told that I have a lot of faith, this is true. I was also told by the same person that I do not have a lot of trust. This can also be true. I often question my spiritual team and can be quite demanding about what I think my life should look like at any given moment. I have a lot to be grateful for but I also have a lot that I still want to accomplish. This can lead me to willful thoughts and actions and I often equate it to holding something very tight in my hands. That is the energy of these thoughts.

However when I open my hand, and hold my goals loosely, I can often see, feel and hear my angels. I can know in my heart that they are with me and I can trust that they are helping me to live the life that I am supposed to live. Small white feathers often appear as I roam the streets of my new city. One more sign that my angels are here.

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About Sweet Grass and Sage Healing

Sweet Grass and Sage Healing is a Reiki Master and certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, who also holds a Masters of Science in literacy and a BA in education. She loves yoga, meditation, journaling, fairies and her nieces (who are fairies). Currently, she lives in San Francisco but she's left her heart in Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY.

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